Lecce & Salento

Lecce is known as the " Florence of the South " for its beauty and its Romanesque and Baroque architecture. City of art par excellence, was founded by Messapians, ancient indigenous population. Became Roman with the name of Lupiae, then had dominations Byzantine and Norman, Angevin and Aragonese.

The elegant city of Lecce, in the heart of Salento, opens its precious seventeenth-century churches and shows its blue sky decorated with golden curls of stone, with its balconies voluptuous, the altars of the old town or traditional lampposts animalistic shapes.

The beautiful beaches of Salento,  can be reached by Lecce in a few minutes. From the Adriatic coast with the beautiful Otranto and the cliffs of Castro and Santa Maria di Leuca, to the Ionian coast, with Gallipoli and its dunes of white sand, they will certainly enchant you.

Lecce has a strategic geographical position, and is the cultural, spiritual and economic center of the province. Combines the beauty of natural landscapes: sea, beach, cliff... The splendor of the monuments is everything you need for a dream vacation.

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